Yoganetics: Be Fit, Healthy, and Relaxed One Breath at a Time cover
Yoganetics: Be Fit, Healthy, and Relaxed One Breath at a Time (cover)

YOGANETICS: Be Fit, Healthy,
and Relaxed One Breath at a Time

by Wyatt TownleyHarperCollins

Welcome to Yoganetics®, a kinder, gentler approach to yoga. This accessible book includes a beginner and an intermediate workout, each modified for special needs and supported by over 120 motion-photos that smoothly bridge from the book to your body.

The results are both immediate and cumulative—and move beyond the mat. Using the book's 20 insightful "experiments," you'll learn how to transform everyday life into yoga, from sitting at your desk to standing in line at the store.

With Yoganetics, becoming fit, healthy, and relaxed is as natural as your next breath. (Learn more about the Yoganetics® system at

Each copy signed by the authorEach copy signed by the author $15.95 • 192 pages • Over 120 photos • ~7.5X9.5"
Both beginner and intermediate workouts
Motion-based photography • Modified for special needs

Published by HarperCollins • © 2003 Wyatt Townley
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starred review "Only rarely today does one encounter a book that offers a truly unusual approach. Wyatt Townley's Yoganetics is such a book."

Yoga Journal, starred review

"If you are going to buy a book on yoga…Yoganetics should be the one."

—Ann Louise Gittleman, author of the fat flush plan

"Yoganetics is the perfect first step for anyone interested in but intimidated by yoga."

Kansas City Wellness Magazine

"An indispensable companion…with beautiful photographs, detailed instructions and plenty of
food for thought."

435 South magazine

"Wyatt Townley gifts us with a revolution in attaining physical and mental well-being. With brilliant and innovative strategies, she brings her state-of-the-art understanding of movement dynamics to the practice of hatha yoga. The result is a new way of being."

—Dr. Jean Houston

"Wyatt Townley...a teacher who embodies the essence of yoga."

—Donna Farhi, author of yoga mind, body, & spirit