The Breathing Field: Meditations on Yoga cover
The Breathing Field: Meditations on Yoga (cover)

Meditations on Yoga

Poems by Wyatt TownleyImages by Eric Dinyer
Little, Brown & Company

To open The Breathing Field is to enter a suddenly quiet space.

A fusion of poetry and art, this is not a book about yoga poses, but about bridging tranquility from the mat to the page. Its "breathtaking" poems and images create a place of sanctuary in the reader.

The Breathing Field is an ideal companion for poetry lovers, yoga enthusiasts, and the generally adventurous.

Each copy signed by the authorEach copy signed by the author $17.95 • 80 pages • 40 color images • Hardcover
Silk cover with tipped-on image • 6.5X6.5"
Published by Bulfinch Press/Little, Brown & Company
Text © 2002 Wyatt Townley • Images © 2002 Eric Dinyer

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Reviews | Comments

"A breathtaking collection of poems. Everything about Wyatt Townley's The Breathing Field is outstanding."

The Kansas City Star, a "best books" pick

"This is a beautiful book in all ways: physically, conceptually, and in the poems themselves."

—H.L. Hix, poet and critic

"A stupendous poet."

—Patricia Traxler

"The body itself feels stretched and the breath slows in response to the poetry. For a book to achieve synesthesia is itself a remarkable achievement."

—Hilda Raz, editor of Prairie Schooner

"Truly one of the few yoga books I really love."

—Rodney Yee

"The Breathing Field is perfection—or as close to it as one can get. What an extraordinary marriage of poetry, yoga, and art!"

—James Howe, bestselling author

"The union of author and artist on the page is remarkable; the essence of each poem is exquisitely captured. This is a collection I will treasure."

Napra Review